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It is an administrative orientation held in that the key task of the organization is determine the needs, desires, values of a market of goal, in order to adapt the organization to the supply of wished satisfactions , in a more efficient and suitable way against competitors.

Looking for satisfaction of consumer needs through a coordinated setof activities at the same time allow the organization to achieve its goals.
     The customer satisfaction is the most important thing of marketing, in order to achieve this; the company should investigate what the customer needs to create really satisfactory products.

The classic 4 P's

its called marketing mix (also called Commercial Mix) to a set of tools or variables given to themarketing chairman to meet the company needs. These are marketing strategies or marketing effort and should be included in the marketing plan (operational plan).

The concept of marketing mix was developed in 1950 by Neil Borden, who listed 12 elements, with tasks and common worries of the person in charge of marketing. This original list was simplified to four classic elements, or “Four P ":Product, Price, Place, and Promotion by McCarthy in 1960. The concept and the simplicity of the four p’s one captivated teachers and executives almost immediately.
In 1984 the AMA (American Marketing association): applied the four p´s concept to their definition of marketing “Process of planning and execution of the concept price, Promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to createexchanges that satisfy individual and organizational aims.
Management of the mixture of marketing
In order to a marketing strategy, (mixture of marketing) be efficient and effective, this one must be coherent between its elements, and the segment or segments of market) that want to be conquered, the target market of the company.
For example, a strategy of selling luxury merchandise in discountshops makes no sense between the offered product and the distribution channel chosen.
In long term, four traditional variables of the mixture can be modified but, is difficult to modify the product or the distribution channel in the short term. Therefore, in short term people in charge of marketing are limited to working only with a half of his tools.
Elements of the mixture of marketing.Product. Price.

Promotion. Place.

Outline of product life cycle.

• Product or service: in marketing, a product is something (tangible or intangible) provided a market for purchase, use or consumption and it can satisfy a need or desire. Product can be called is material objects or goods, services, people, places, organizations or ideas. Decisions on this point include the formulation andpresentation of a specific brand development, and characteristics of the packaging, labeling and packaging, among others. We can say that the product has a life cycle (duration of this time and its evolution) that changes according to consumer response and competition and is drawn as a curve on the graph. The phases of the life cycle of a product are:
1. launch
2. growth
3. maturity
4. slope
•Price: It is mainly the exchange monetary amount associated with transaction (although it is paid in time or effort). However its definition also includes payment (cash, check, card, etc...) Credit (direct, with paper, term, etc...) Prompt payment discounts, volume, surcharges, the same time, is the one proposed by a previous market research, which will define the price that will beassigned to enter the market. Note that price is the only element of the marketing mix that provides income, as the other components only produce costs. On the other hand, know that the price is closely linked to the sense of product quality (and exclusivity).

• Place or Distribution: This case is defined as where to market the product or service that is offered (an essential element for the...
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