Conditions of the mexican education system and some proposals to improve.

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It's too hard for me to give an opinion of Mexican education system in Mexico like a teacher, because I don’t have teaching experience, however 90% of my academic background has been in public education as a student so I can give an opinion.
Sincerely the experience I had for some years in public education was good, on many occasions I had to prove my knowledge skills with students fromprivate schools and sometimes I was above them. This phenomenon was not unique to myself, because many of my classmates, my groups and my school got the same result comparing with their peers in private schools.
However the good experience I had in the system of public schools in Mexico I can’t deny that this goes through a series of problems, which are demerits not only public education but to theprofession of a teacher. You can’t admire who hates, so I think the lack of admiration and respect for teachers is the first and biggest problem with education in Mexico
I believe that education in Mexico goes through too complex situation, that have too many problems and shortcomings, but I am convinced that much of the actual student could mark it a bif difference, and sometimes no matter whatthe facilities are not the best, that the materials are not adequate, that the programs are outdated, I believe that when a teacher has a vocation and, a student has curiosity to learn both can achieve great things in spite of everything else
I think one of the main reasons of education in Mexico declined is because of the lack of commitment on the part of many teachers. A part of them study theteacher career only to have a secure job, a teacher doesn’t matter the vocation, only wants to be a bureaucrat . I think to fix this problem should eliminate the automatic vacancies, and this vacancies only could be ocuped for people who obtain higher academic qualifications within their field. I also think it would be necessary to include within the requirements to be entitled to a publicpsychometric tests and medical exams, to be sure that the teachers will be the most prepared people to give class to student.
In the middle of the last century the teacher still was respected in society, in those days not many people had the way to study of professional career, and those were decided by the teacher career really felt that love for teaching. This caused great care in his publicimage, as they felt they were a moral example for their students and to all the people.

But the number of teachers grew, the political institutions of our country saw in them a chance to make big political gains. Little by little they began filtering in this group of people interested only self-interest above the interests of education and teachers. The teachers were taken as political spoilsthrough direct confrontation with society, the teachers organized marches and sit-ins, and this actions demerited the image of true teacher.
The march and strike of teachers began to deny to students the right to learn, closing schools and leaving students at a second level, because all that mattered is to get more economic benefits. All this got today the teaching profession is not valued, andtherefore society is looking at an alternative private schools to give their children the education they deserve.
Currently through examinations have shown that teachers lack knowledge and skills to develop their profession, many teachers have been accused of violating laws including civil laws but never received a penalty and are wrapped within their own guild.
The teachers of public school believein that their work is certainly and they don’t looking to upgrade options, looking to make the least effort possible in its day, and they don’t offer their best efforts to obtain the best results, and they don’t think about the young people.
We mentioned some of the problems that have for the teaching side, but to further complicate the situation, currently within the school-age children, you...
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