Configuracion routers cisco 9000

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Cisco Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer complements the Networking Academy curricula, allowing instructors to easily teach and demonstrate complex technical concepts and networking systems design. WithPacket Tracer, instructors can customize individual or multiuser activities, providing hands-on lessons for students that offer value and relevance in their classrooms. Students can build, configure,and troubleshoot networks using virtual equipment and simulated connections, alone or in collaboration with other students. Most importantly, Packet Tracer helps students and instructors create theirown virtual “network worlds” for exploration, experimentation, and explanation of networking concepts and technologies.
Application Transport Network


Cisco Packet TracerSupported Protocols

• HTTP, TFTP, Telnet, SSH, DNS, DHCP, NTP, SNMP, AAA • TCP and UDP, TCP Nagle Algorithm and IP
Fragmentation, GRE VPN

• IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IPv6, ICMPv6, IPsec • RIPv1/v2/ng,Multi-Area OSPF, EIGRP • Static Routing, Route Redistribution, Multilayer

Switching, L3 QoS, NAT, CBAL, Zone-based policy firewall and intrusion prevention system on the ISR

Network Access/Interface

• Ethernet (802.3), 802.11, HDLC, Frame Relay, PPP • STP, RSTP, VTP, DTP, CDP, 802.1q, PAgP • L2 QoS, SLARP, Auto Secure, Simple WEP, WPA, EAP

The Cisco Networking Academy®program is designed to keep pace with the evolution of networking systems by providing innovative curricula and educational tools that help students understand the complexities of information andcommunication technologies (ICTs). Within this framework, the Cisco® Packet Tracer e-learning software was developed to help Networking Academy students gain practical networking technology skills in arapidly changing environment. Cisco Packet Tracer includes the following features: • Makes teaching easier by providing a free, multiuser environment for instructors to easily teach complex...