Configurar squid en ubuntu

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[Ubuntu]Installing an HTTP proxy server (Squid)

Installing an HTTP proxy server (Squid)

• 1.Installing the proxy
• 2.Configuring the proxy
o 2.1.Naming the proxy
• 2.2 Choosing the Port
o2.3.Choosing the interface
o 2.4. Setting access rights and priorities
• 2.5. Authorizing access to group
o 2.6. Allow the use non-standard ports
• 3.Starting the Proxy
• Miscellaneous
o Serverlogs
o Functions and additional modules
o Links

1.Installing the proxy

To install Squid type the following command in a terminal:
sudo aptitude install squid

2.Configuring the proxyConfiguration of Squid is done through the editing of the following file: /etc/squid/squid.conf
To edit this file ,type Alt+F2 and enter the following command:

gksu gedit /etc/squid/squid.conf2.1.Naming the proxy

Its important that Squid knows the name of the machine. To do this, locate the line visible_hostname.
For example, if the machine called ubuntu insert:

visible_hostname ubuntu2.2 Choosing the Port

By default, the proxy server will use port 3128. To choose another port, locate the line:

http_port 3128

and change the port number, for example:

http_port 31772.3.Choosing the interface

By default the proxy server will listen on all interfaces. For security reasons, its better to put in on your local network only.
For example, if the network cardconnected to your LAN, has IP, change the line:


2.4. Setting access rights and priorities

By default, nobody is allowed to connect to the proxy server. (Only fromyour machine itself)
A list of permissions must be created.

For example, we will define a group encompassing the local network.

Find the line beginning with acl localhost...
At the end of thesection, add:

acl lanhome src

(lanhome is a random name chosen).


2.5. Authorizing access to group

Now that the group is defined, we will authorize to use...
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