Conflict management style

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Conflict Management Style
Choosing a conflict management style is important in many areas of life, especially in business and the workplace. If you are a manager or owner of a company, you will needto choose a conflict management style to handle problems between employees, as well as between an employee and yourself. Below we will discuss different types of conflict styles and why some may workbetter than others. 
The first conflict management style is forcing. Using this method, one would use their position as the manager or owner to make a decision regarding the conflict no matterhow the employee(s) feels about the situation. Without hearing everyone’s side or taking anyone’s feelings into account, the manager whose conflict management style is forcing will make his owndecision in what would be best and that decision would not be up for discussion. This style would not be best for those who are trying to work with their employees so as to be a leader who influences themand is looked up to by them because forcing will tend to alienate those who are affected by the decision and make them feel as if their thoughts and feelings are unimportant.
The second conflictmanagement style is accommodating. Using this method, one would allow the employee to make the decision or make the decision that would make the employee feel the best without regard to how it makes themanager feel or if it is really the best decision for the company. This style would not be best for a manager or owner who wants to continue to have a smooth running business because with this styleit is easy for authority figures to be taken advantage of and walked all over by lower-level employees. This is because they are seen as a people pleaser rather than someone who will crack-down. Whenthis happens it can turn into work being habitually late or being done sloppily and not up to the level that is expected.
The third conflict management style is avoiding. Using this method, one...
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