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Language Analysis:
It is because is used in the following situations:
To introduce an explanation of cause and effect use It is because:
• It is because of parents like her that our school issuch a wonderful place. (like= similar to)
• It is because of my close association with the organisation that I know all the good that it does.
• It is because the body is a machine thateducation is possible.
• It is because workers today produce far more than those in the past that we have a higher standard of living.
It is because + cause + ‘that’ + effect.Grammar:
It is because of + cause (noun or noun phrase) + ‘that’+ effect (clause).
e.g. It is because of  your smile that I feel happy.
It is because + cause (clause with a subject and a verb) + ‘that’ +effect (clause).
e.g. It is because you smiled that I feel happy.
To refer back to a cause, then give an effect, use it is because of this:
• These countries’ economies are in great turmoiland it is because of this that pollution creates a huge problem.
• I know you. I understand you, and it is because of this that I love you.
• A black coat appears black because it absorbsall the wavelengths of visual light that fall on it and no light is reflected into the eye from that object. It is because of this that black clothes become hotter on a sunny day than white ones.Structures:
Cause + ‘and’ + ‘it is because of this that’ + effect
Cause + ‘.’ + ‘It is because of this that’ + effect
To give an effect first, then explain the cause, use this is because:
• Outin space, the sky looks black, instead of blue. This is because there is no atmosphere.
• As the sun begins to set, the light must travel farther through the atmosphere before it gets to you.More of the light is reflected and scattered. As less reaches you directly, the sun appears less bright. The colour of the sun itself appears to change, first to orange and then to red. This is...
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