Conservation andean forest

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M. Percy Nunez Vargas, Biologo.Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, Peru. E mail:

Endophytic microorganisms are to be found in virtually every plant on earth. These organisms reside in the living tissues of the host plant and do so in a variety of relationships ranging from symbiotic topathogenic. Endophytes may contribute to their host plant by producing a plethora of substances that provide protection and ultimately survival value to the plant. Ultimately, these compounds, once isolated and characterized, may also have potential for use in modern medicine, agriculture, and industry. Novel antibiotics, antimycotics, immune suppressants, and anticancer compounds are only a fewexamples of what has been found after the isolation and culturing of individual endophytes followed by purification and characterization of some of their natural products. The prospects of finding new drugs that may be effective candidates for treating newly developing diseases in humans, plants, and animals are great. Other applications in industry and agriculture may also be discovered among thenovel products produced by endophytic microbes.

Around the fences of the Andean peasants many shrubs of Solanum are abundant. The plants belong to the potatoe family, that inside their vegetable tissues do simbiosis with the powdery fungi called Oidium or Mildiu. Finally acts as a biodegradable agent. The plant takes advantage the organic residuals of the wild and introduced animals includingIberian pigs as nutrients. And the fungi produce volatile substances, reduce large quantities of residual feces. Using this knowledge and lessons learned from nature cycles. A clever business man provides to Machupicchu and the Tourism companies a product called the Waste Alleviation and Geling (WAG) where the bag with the powdery substance dry and full of Oidium fungi is re used several times byvarious visitors and then at the end in the bottom of the bag a gel square after some days being put under ground the human dung will be reduced to a couple of centimeter and disappear. On the contrary if not treated in that way
Machupicchu today may have several tons of human polluted residuals.
The cumulative index of the Mycotaxon scientific journal Oidium stachytarphetae on Stachytarpheta(Verbenaceae), emended: new from Australia and New Caledonia UNSAAC Professor Agronomist Braulino Vitorino Florez advice that the organic trash must be recycled, reduced, re used, re located in Machupicchu that never faced before contamination problems.
Colletotric acid, a metabolite of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides,
an endophytic fungusisolated from Artemisia mongolica, displays antibacterial activity against bacteria as well as against the fungus Helminthsporium sativum.Another Colletotrichum sp., isolated from Artemisia annua,
produces bioactive metabolites that showed antimicrobial
activity as well. A. annua is a traditional Chinese herb that
is well recognized for its synthesis of artemisinin (an
antimalarial drug) and itsability to inhabit many geographically
different areas. The Colletotrichum sp. found
in A. annua produced not only metabolites with activity
against human pathogenic fungi and bacteria but also
metabolites that were fungistatic to plant pathogenic
In Machupicchu there are abundant wild Lupines and the Tarwi Lupinus mutabilis (Fabaceae) is attacked supposedly by the fungiColletotrichum gloeosporoides that generally is studied with what fungicides from the rampant Agro chemical can be killed, such a potential fungi for application in medicine and agronomical research in other continents such as Asia.
The human population is not free from pancreatitis and diabetes. That may be originated from a bad nutritional diet, their thoughts or written in the genes. Same to the...
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