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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2010
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Abril Del Razo
Draft #3

The oldest child, the leader child.

As an oldest child, a person is an example to his brothersbecause he becomes a leader. The youngest child will copy all the things their brother does. If he behaves well or if he is good at schoolor responsible, the brothers would be so. Since the second brother Is born, the oldest child automatically adopts the image of a leader.
Ican see a real example of all this with my mother. She is the oldest child in a group of five sisters. She represented responsibility. Mymom was an image for my aunts; they copied all the things she did. Now she is a great leader in her job. She knows how to manage thesituations, and how to lead other persons. This is because since she was a little child she started being leader with her sisters. I am anoldest child too; I have the responsibility of taking care of my brothers. Sometimes is hard because you have less permission and moreresponsibilities at your expense. But I know that I’m doing a good job and in the future I will be a good leader too.
An oldest child isnaturally a leader: he has a lot of responsibility, care, and a big image for the youngest siblings; they have to be careful how to act ortalk, being conscious the big responsibility they have. The oldest child doesn’t have any option, if for what they were born and designated.
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