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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2010
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Adriana Molina Nevarez May 11, 2010


Prof. Neumann

Wood Construction

There are different types of wood. Some are very hard others very flexible.“Harwood” is very common types of wood which is obtained from trees that lose their leaves in winter. “Softwoods” is obtained from evergreen trees. All woods fall between the ranges of very to very hard.All types of woods have distinctive grain structure. Wood like white and red oak, ash and walnut has open-pores which give a unique texture. Hardwoods are walnut, oak, maple, cherry, rosewood,teak, shesham and mahogany. Softwoods are pine, hemlock, fir, redwood, spruce and cedar. There are other types of woods made by wooden sheeting like chipboard and plywood.

Wood is an attractiveand comfortable material from which we can make strong, efficient and durable buildings, furniture and flooring. Some woods now can be recycled. The best thing about wood is that it is a completelynatural building materials that a 100% biodegradable and renewable. Construction in wood causes the least impact on the environment compared to concrete or steel. Wood is a 400 times better insulatorthan steel and concrete.

The wood building construction is comprised of a panelized wall and/or floor construction which does not require any masonry foundation whatsoever. The vertically wallpanels are connected to the floor panels in such a manner as to transmit forces acting on the perimeter wall to the floor system and are connected to each other in such a manner as to define a postconstruction having beam sockets for multiple floor and roof levels. Each vertically extending wall panel for a multi-level construction can extend continuously from the gravel support bed to the roofline to present an unbroken vertical line. The wall panels are constructed and arranged so that each joint is covered by trim and all openings are pre trimmed to allow in situ installation of...
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