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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2012
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Programa de Radio
Music Hits 102.9
Yo: Hey guys we are again with the best hits on this your favorite radio station 102.9 only the bestmusic. Today were gonna have an amazing radio show because we have two special guests, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, so you can imagine how the showis going to be. So don’t change our radio station we just have some commercials.
Hey guess what we have a surprise for you,you can get some tickets for the concerts of Katy Perry, so start calling to our number 81567821 don’t stop calling we have only 4 dobletickets for our public, they are in the VIP ZONE , you can also send your messages to enter raffle of a BMW but this raffle is going to be on oneweek, don’t be sure you re going to win send the more possibly messages you can.


Yo: hellowhos there?
Br: here is Brenda im calling for the Katy perry tickets I cant wait too see her
Yo: Sure, you can get one doble ticket but youhave to answer some questions.
Br: sure I can show how fan I am
Yo: okey lets begin. What is her real name?
Br: Kat…Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson,Yo: good!! Now how old is her?
Br: 27 years
Yo: Goooood girl, tell me 3 of your favorite songs
Br: Teenage dream, Firework, hot andcold
Yo: cool, now sing a little bit of one.
Br: cantaa!!
Yo: Ok now you have your doble ticket on the VIP zone, congrats and enjoy it.
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