Contact with other cultures

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My contact with other cultures
Well I think everything begins with ourselves because when we in my case I start to talk about another cultureit is because I know a little bit about that culture and if I meet someone of another culture I would be so interested in learning somethingelse, my “culture experience” will increase and that would make me more worship and that´s how we move forward in life. I mean who would notlike to learn something new, something that is totally different than your life, your style, your moves, your beliefs, your critical experience,well I will be delighted if someone talks to me about any other culture I know or I heard just for curiosity. I also think that my contact withother cultures will be so interesting because I would learn something new.
And also I think that many other people must start with their ownawareness and begin searching for something different, that would be awesome, but not all the people are interested in looking for somethingnew, they like old stuff, and old beliefs and that´s how we are just not going to proceed in the daily life and not only in life, I mean if youdon´t change yourself no one is going to do it for you, the master piece we have it in our hands the only thing is that we must grab it and usefor a better situation in our life.
“Don´t let go the the new contact, take advantage of the situation and be better for tomorrow” by Joe Vac
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