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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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It is said that in the age of witches, in the mountains of Ibores, a noble mother had three daughters, Tina, Tina andMada. The wrath of a maid [against the mother, for giving so much work with the three daughters], she was a witch, did that teach the art of witchcraft. These three girls, to be in power, had nocompassion [when] doing evil, and everything that did bother them disappear or cursed. Upon reaching the ears of their parents, wanted to kill. Seeing them that their parents did not want them, hate them andseized their parents retaliated by killing them and tried to get back at the maid, but the spell of the latter so that what I felt was one of the three. Witches, enraged by the spell, blamed the maidof his parents' murder.

It is said that this witch saw the future. When burned at the stake, laughed frivolously. The sisters noticed the spell while: if one fell, the three were hurt, if one wantedto eat, the others also wanted. To all this the witches did not give importance, because they were so greedy and so much power that they wanted everything until now reaching a mature age, Sina, [whenI was] buying in a nearby village saw a man, which became infatuated, and bewitched him into giving him his love. Tina and Mada also felt love for him and conspired with the same spell. Man when theevening came to his home in the mountains. These three, when they saw the man, he shot him. The man to see the three witches went crazy and did not know what to do, the witches to see that the man wasunresponsive let him die of love.

This happened to many men, it is said that the people were so great that, when he realized that the three sisters were witches who killed men went after them.They were also mad because they had not got no love, only managed hatred between them. It is also said that when they went to burn witches burned them one by one, and the first was Mada, and when it...
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