Contraterrorismo en israel

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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2010
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Suicide attack is the most violent form of terror that we can find today. These acts are perpetuated against innocent civil society and have the purpose of creating fear and discomfort among society in order to achieve political and territorial goals.
Israel is one of thecountries around he world that has suffered the most because of this type of terrorist attacks. Terrorists keep using it as a tool because they have found out that it works.
Israel throughout the years has implemented different policies and techniques to deter this specific type of violence. Some policies have been more successful than other, but until this day there is not a specific policy that hasgiven a long-lasting solution to this terrifying violent act.
In this paper you will find an analysis and review of the general literature around the subject of suicide attacks and more specifically the rationality of the actors that perpetrate this acts. As a joint effort of the ISA and the Police Security Committee in Israel, we will revaluate Israel’s security and strategies around suicidekillers for developing effective tactics and policy procedures to prevent suicide attacks.

Hany Nagar
February 25, 2010.
2. Statement of the Problem:
How can the understanding of the rationality of a suicide attacker can contribute to tactical procedures in responding to a threat?
3. Background
Suicide killing have gained popularity in the last decade because terrorist groupshave realized that it works. This type of terror is one of the most violent acts that can be perpetrated to a civil society in order to create panic and insecurity among the civil population. By using suicide killing, terrorist groups seek to create a notion of fear and terror on regular citizens and pressure governments in surrendering to terrorist demands.
So, how can we effectively deter aperson from pursuing this specific type of violence? Or in a more general way, how can we prevent suicide attacks? To answer these questions we have to analyze the background surrounding this phenomenon and transform our conclusion into effective policy measures that will allow the Israeli government safekeeping their society.
4. Statement.
Israel is one of the main countries around the worldthat have suffered from the consequences of suicide attacks. Throughout the years, more study and research has been done in this field to find and adequate policy to approach this subject.
It is necessary to remind that one of the main objectives of any country is to grant security to their population, so Israel has to be able to protect its society from being a target for terrorist organizations.In order to give an effective recommendation on this issue, first, we have to understand that suicide attacks are rational acts. They become a rational when we realize that they have nationalistic objectives, a specific timing and a target selection. If they are rational they can be stopped.
Analyzing the planning process behind a suicide attack opens a window frame were Israel can performsuccessful preventive actions against terrorism.
By analyzing the rationality of a suicide killer we are able to get closer to the root of the problem and change the focus on this issue to achieve a right and long lasting solution.
5. Pre-existing Policies:
As years go by Israel’s actions towards suicide attacks have grown in favor of prevention.
We can observe that after a wave of suicideattacks Israel responds with military operations on the occupied territories in order to dismantle terrorist cells and prevent future attacks. By this, Israel seeks to destroy the terrorist infrastructure and guarantee the safety of the Israeli citizens.
Also, enforcing the borders between Israel and the occupied territories has helped by stopping terrorist attacks on the go; but this measure is...
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