Contrato de construccion

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Construction Contract

This agreement made this _(1)_ day of ____(2)__________, 19__(3)_, by and between ________(4)___________, of _______(5)____________, herein referred to as "owner", and__________(6)__________, of _________(7)__________, herein referred to as "contractor". Owner and contractor in consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth agree as follows: SECTION ONESTRUCTURE AND SITE Contractor shall furnish all labor and materials necessary to construct a ____(8)______, upon the following described property, which owner warrants he owns, free and clear of liens andencumbrances: ________(9)___________. SECTION TWO PLANS Contractor shall construct the structure in conformance with the plans, specifications, and breakdown and binder receipt signed by contractorand owner, and will do so in a workmanlike manner. Contractor is not responsible for furnishing any improvements other than the structure, such as landscaping, grading, walkways, painting, sewer orwater systems, steps, driveways, patios and aprons, etc., unless they are specifically stated in the breakdown. SECTION THREE PAYMENT Owner shall pay contractor the sum of ___(10)___ Dollars($__________) in installments as set forth in the escrow instructions or the primary lender's schedule (whichever is applicable) signed by owner. In the event any installment is not paid when due, contractor maystop work until payment is made and for five (5) days thereafter. In the event any installment is not paid within ten (10) days after it is due, contractor may take such action as may be necessary,including legal proceedings, to enforce its rights here under. SECTION FOUR PREPARATION Prior to the start of construction, owner shall provide a clear, accessible building site, properly excavated andcorrectly zoned for the structure, and shall identify the boundaries of owner's property by stakes at all corners. Owner shall maintain such stakes in proper position throughout construction. In the...
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