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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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A: Hi!
B: Hi! How are you?
A: Fine, and you?
B: So, so...
A: So, so...? Why? 
B: I got a stomach ache (se pronuncia " stomak eik"). I ate(se pronuncia "eit", comí) a piece of chocolate cake, and I 
think that it didn´t agree with me (no me sentó bien). 
A: Really? Oh, I´m sorry about that.  
B: Are you doing shopping?
A: Yes, I want a pink dress for a wedding at the beach. Do you  know any good boutique?
B: Yes, I do. From (desde)Obelisco Square (se pronuncia "escuér"), take the second street on the right and you get Reforma Avenue. In that street, there is a fantastic boutique. Whenyou get the boutique, on the first floor, they sell very nice dresses. 
A: Thank you. I´m going to go to that boutique now.
B: Who are getting married?(¿Quienes se casan?)
A: My sister and his boyfried.
B: Oh, really? I always said that they were the right couple (se pronuncia "rait capel", parejaperfecta).
A: Yes, you´re right. 
B: Do you have to buy a pink dress? Yesterday I saw a nice blue one (a blue one=uno azul) in a shop. Blue suits you (el azulte favorece). 
A: No, I can´t. I have to buy a pink dress. They chose (se pronuncia "chous", eligieron) the colour.
B: You know? I have a dance school.Can you dance well? 
A: No, I can´t dance . I don´t like to dance, but I have to learn for the wedding party (la fiesta de la boda).
B: If you want,you can learn in my dance school.
A: Oh, yes, thank you! Well , I see you later (hasta luego, te veo luego).
B: Ok, bye! Call me!!
A: ok Bye!
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