Esta es una conversacion típica para sacar citas en ingles con un doctor. Esta es la primera de una serie de ejemplos de diálogos que le van a ayudar a saber que vocabulario usar en situacionescomunes y necesarias.

Assistant: Hello, Heathrow Clinic.
Patient: Hello, I'm calling to make an appointment. (frase usual para sacar cita)

Assistant: Medical or dental?
Patient: Medical, please.Assistant: Can you hold one moment? ("Hold" es el verbo para pedir que uno espere un momento) I will connect you.

Assistant: Hello, how can I help you?
Patient: I'd like to make an appointmentfor a check-up. (Check -up es se refiere a un chequeo medico) - I'd like = I want ( quiero o me gustaria)

Assistant: Have you been here before?
Patient: No, I haven't.

Assistant: We have anopening on Friday, October 12th at 3 o'clock.
(An opening se refiere a que hay espacio para colocar la cita en ese horario)
Patient: Gee, (jerga que significa "uy" o "caramba") I work on Friday's. Do youhave any appointments available on Monday or Wednesdays? (Available = disponibles)

Assistant: Our first Monday appointment would be October 22 at 9 in the morning.
Could you make that?
Patient:Yes, that would be fine.
Assistant: What is your name?
Patient: Luci Garcia.
Assistant: What is your phone number?
Patient: 764-2110.
Assistant: Is that the 206 area code?
Patient: Yes, that'sright.
Assistant: What is your date of birth?
Patient: 10/13/63.

Assistant: How will you be paying for this appointment? Do you have health insurance or medical coupons? (Insurance = seguro)Patient: No, I don't. Can you tell me what the charge would be for this visit?
(Charge is otra palabra para "cost" o costo)

Assistant: Please come half an hour before the time of your appointment tofill out a medical history.
Patient: OK. I will do that. Do your doctors and nurses speak Spanish?

Assistant: We do have some doctors and nurses on staff that speak Spanish. Would you prefer... [continua]

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