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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Clint: Good morning sir!
Osvaldo: good morning
Clint: I am here for an interview whit the chef misael, I am looking a good job, and I think that this restaurant is the best.
Osvaldo:That`s right, this is a very good restaurant, wait here I`m going to call the chef Misael, hello, does the chef Misael have time for an interview, ok thank you! Sorry the chef Misael can`t speak withyou, can you wait here for a few minutes?
Clint: Sure
Osvaldo: did you watch the TV yesterday night?
Clint: yes I watched Iron Chef, it´s my favorite TV program
Osvaldo: Great! It´s my favoriteprogram too!
Clint: Really!
Osvaldo: Really
Clint: Actually I want to be an Iron Chef
Osvaldo: oh that´s great, I am student of gastronomy I am in tested for two weeks as security guard then I willwork in the kitchen
Clint: that´s good, I hope to work here
Osvaldo: what kind of cuisine do you prefer ?
Clint: Well I prefer the Italian and Mexican cuisine, but I am bakery chef
Osvaldo:really? You have the required for the job, the last bakery chef was fired the last week
Clint: That`s interesting it`s my lucky day.
Osvaldo: the chef misael is a very good person and he needs abakery chef
Clint: Well, if I will work here I could invite you a beer
Osvaldo: that’s be nice
Osvaldo: oh the chef is calling for you. Good luck.
Clint: thanks.

Misael: good morning,please take a sit
Clint: Thank you
Misael: What´s your name?
Clint: I am Clint Rivera
Misael: how old are you?
Clint: I am 27 years old
Misael : what was your last job?
Clint: Well I wasworking in Mayan palace
Misael: Oh this is so interesting
Misael: and what is your area?
Clint: I am bakery chef
Misael: precisely I am looking a bakery chef, my last bakery chef was a drunk, I amlooking a good and responsible chef, can you start today?
Clint: yes
Misael: Ok, today we have a dinner, this is a very very important dinner and today you are the responsible of bakery and...
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