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Intermediate Conversation

Discussion of stereotypes, explaining, improving character adjective vocabulary

Activity: Discussion and comparison of National Stereotypes

Level: IntermediateOutline:

• Write the word 'Stereotype' on the board and ask students what the word means. Then read the meaning of stereotype. If students are unsure, help them by asking them to finish thephrase, "All Guatemalan..." or something similar.
• Once students have understood the concept of what a stereotype is, ask them to mention a few of the stereotypes about their own country.
•Include a few provocative stereotypes of your own at this point in order to get students thinking about the negative or shallow aspects of thinking in stereotypes. Example: Guatemalan foods are chuchitos,rellenitos, etc. Guatemalans are not punctual.
• Tell them that they will need to explain their reasons for the adjectives provided.
• Ask other students whether they agree or disagree topromote conversation.
• Once you have finished your discussion of stereotypes, ask students why stereotyping can be often be bad and which stereotypes of their own country or region they do not like.Ask them to explain why.
A stereotype is a commonly held public belief about specific social groups, or types of individuals.
They are going to choose two adjectives that they think describeGuatemala or Guatemalans.
• punctual
• tolerant
• romantic
• respectful
• hard-working
• emotional
• outgoing
• nationalistic
• well-dressed
• humorous• lazy
• sophisticated
• hospitable
• talkative
• sociable
• serious
• quiet
• formal
• aggressive
• polite
• rude
• arrogant
• ignorant
• casual• untimely
Basic Conversation

Learning the basic structure and expressions used when telling true stories

Activity: Listening to a story, text arrangement, questionnaire, structure study...
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