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Daniel: Hello Gabriel
Gabriel: Hello Daniel how are you?
Daniel: Im fine and you ?
Gabriel: Fine thanks ! hey I would to introduce you my new girlfriend
Daniel: Oh! Cool, whats her nameGabriel: Vania
Vania: Hey whats up Daniel how are you?
Daniel: Fine and you?
Vania: Me too !
Gabriel: ok lets go to the movies
Daniel: Yes, I have some friends there !
(arriving to the movies)Denisse: Hey! Daniel you are late guys!
Daniel: Sorry we didn’t have a car
Denisse: Don’t worry, Hany and sujeily are in the movies lets go
Hany: Hey whats up!
Daniel, Gabriel, Vania: Whats up !Sujeily: Gabriel, is that your friend?
Gabriel: No, shes my girlfriend.
Denisse: Ok, lets go the movie has already started.

Daniel: Hey Gabriel how are you, why are you crying?
Gabriel:My friend Roberto died.
Daniel: Im so sorry can I help you with something?
Gabriel: Yes ! please go to texcoco and tell my cousin Fernanda
Daniel: ok! No problem
Fernanda: hey whats up Daniel,what happened
Daniel: I was just with Gabriel, his friend Roberto died
Fernanda: no way! are you kidding to me?
Daniel: no its true….
Fernanda: Lets go my moms house and tell her.
Mom: Whathappened boys?
Fernanda: mom, Roberto died
Mom: oh my god, lets tell your dad
Dad: are you kidding me? Lets go with Gabriel to see how he is…
Gabriel: Wow! Really thanks for the help I was talking withMaria jose and she helped a lot, im not that sad right now
Maria jose: That’s right Gabriel, see you guys take care!

Daniel: Hi!
Vania: hello!
Daniel: whats your name?
Vania: my name isvania, and yours?
Daniel: im Daniel
Vania: hey look ! there is my boyfriend Gabriel !
Gabriel: Hey whats up Daniel
Daniel: Hi !amm would you both like to go swimming?
Vania, Gabriel: Sure ! letstell more friends to go!
Daniel: okay! Lets go to max’s house!
Max: Hey whats up !
Daniel: whats up?! Do youn want to go swimming?
Max: Sure! Let me tell my sisters!
Fatima: Yes I want to go...
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