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Antonio: Hello
Marco: oh! hello! sorry, who are you?
Antonio: my name is antonio ,and, what is you name?
Marco: my name is marco.
Antonio: nice to meet you marco
Marco: nice to meet you to ,oh sorry this is my wife Cristina
Christina: Hi!
Antonio.- oh hi!
Marco.- antonio, what is you hobbie antonio?
Antonio.- oh i like artial marts, like tae kwon do for example, and yours?
Marco.- ilike play soccer
Antonio.- what is your hobbie cristina?
Christina.- oh i like sing, very much!
Antonio.- ohh that's great!
Cristina.- yes, i love sing every kind of music it's so amazing
Antonio.- that's very good, well, i have to go, the work , you now, nice to meet you again boths of you, good bye
Cristina.- ok, take care, see ya
Marco.- nice to meet you to, good bye

they are in atravel agency

Karla:! hi! my friend how are you?
Maria: fine thank you?
Karla: where are you going?
Maria: I am going to panama and you?
Karla: I too. we ask the employee for our tickets
Maria: good morning
employee: good morning. may I help you?
Maria: yes, thank you my name is Maria Cabello and she is my friend Karla Marquez. She and I have a reservation in this travelinagency employee: what kind of reservation?
Maria: we have a reservation to travel to panama
employee: ok let me check it
Karla: I need the tickets now
employee: here they are your ticks
Karla: thank you
employee: you are welcome
Maria and Karla: good bye
employee: good bye

Peter:Did you do the final exam yesterday?
Henry:Yes. But I think that I passed
Hudson: Well,Let's go to see the results. How're you feeling?
Henry: nervous! How about you Peter?
Peter: Not brilliant but I passed.
Henry:Congratulations! And you Hudson?
Hudson: I'm surprised! I've a nine!
Hudson:Come on! Let's have a beer. I'll pay!
Henry: OK
Peter: Excelent idea!

Michael: Hi john. Have you heard the news recently?
John: Yes, but i dont' really remember what they said i think Sallyknows
sally: yes, of course i know, i've listened that some terrorist groups had attacked the twin towers
John: really?!?!?! i didn't knew about it
Michael: Yes, but also someones says that it's just an strategic plan for raising the US economy & a reason for the US to explode the natural resources from the arabian countries
john: I don't think so thats verry crazy!!!
sally: yeah, i supportjohn, i think you are wondering that
michael: well, maybe i got mad with this... well sory
sally: don't worry just try to have tour feets on the ground next time
john: yes, just chill down. You know that if that was true our governmnet would be affected politicaly.
Michael: well ok thanks guys.

mesero: I can take your order
1: yes, thanks. I want the soup of the day, chicken in red sauceand mixed salad
mesero: a drink
1: white wine please
mesero: away. and you
2: I want Milanese with spaghetti and potato
mesero: a drink
2: a fruit juice
waiter: a time and you
3: I want rice soup with vegetables and chicken salad with Russian
mesero: a drink
3: a grapefruit soda
waiter: and you
4: bring me some noodles and roast fillet 3 / 4 salad
mesero: a drink
4: apitcher of water mango
waiter: and you
5: arrachera and vegetable soup with bacon and avocado salad
mesero: a drink
5: a white wine
mesero: immediately
waiter: this very well. meal
waiter: would you like a dessert
1: If I want to thank sentence cream
2: I want ice cream with fruit
3: for my peaches with cream
4: Bring me a vanilla custard
5 and to my sweet rice
3: Accountfor
mesero: thanks for coming back soon

Lucy: Hey Susan and Josie, long time no see! What's new with you?
Susan: Hi girls! Not much really. My life hasn't changed a lot since the last time we met.. The boys are okey, Timmy has recently started school, and John, my husband, hasn't changed his job, even though he said he would do it...
Lucy: Oh, you know how John is...
Susan: Yes, I do......
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