Cooking methods

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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The cooking methods are a culinary technique with amending the raw foods through the application of heat to its consumption. There are many foodsthat require a chemical modification to make them digestive and also there are foods that can be consumed raw, but through the cooking we can make them more tasty and mouthwatering, amending their appearance and texture, and its health guarantee is compounded because cooking destroys almost all organisms.
We can distinguish the methods ofcooking by the environment in which it is carried out: cooking in dry environments, cooking in liquid medium or wet, cooking in greasy means cooking and mixed or combined(water and fat).
Within this classification of cooking methods we have several techniques that will provide different results to cooked food. Below the list and someexamples.

Dry Cooking: This is when food is cooked with little fat or butter.
*by the oven (roasting, salt, papillote, among others)
*to the iron
*to the grill
*tothe grilled
*to the empty bathroom mary

Cooking in liquid medium or wet: It is when the product is immersed in a liquid or steam. The main cooking in moist heatare:
*to whiten or scald
*cooking broth in white

In the middle Cooking frying fat:
*saute Fry,
*sauté until golden brown

Mixed or combinedCooking:
*Cook (as the ragout or ragout)
* stewing

The heat applied to the food makes that are wilted, it coagulated, swell or watered down, that is,changes the physical and biochemical components.
With the cooking methods are developed flavors, some are softened and is usually improve

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