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Along time ago in the distant Scotland, there was a man called Malcolm Wallace, he was a truly patriot and he really loved his country. Malcolm had two children he called John to the biggest one, and William to the little one, this boy will be the focus of our history, so it’s good to say that he was born in 1272 . This family used to take a simple way of life, Malcolm and Johndid the hard work and William stayed in home doing the house work.

Everything was normal and they only made what they had to do, and this is only, live their life, but in those days the king of Scotland died, and he didn’t leave a successor, seeing this Edward the first king of England claimed the throne of his neighbor of the north, Scottish people fought against him and among them, to get thepower of that Nation. When Edward the First knew this he had an incredible idea, at least for him, Edward summoned the Scottish noblemen with truce flag, to discuss the matter, and when all of them were there he killed everyone of that people, so, this was the way like the king of England also became in the king of Scotland.

Knowing this, Malcolm, John and many Scottish thought in revenge,they knew that they were only a few trying to fight against an army, but they also knew that they didn’t need wining, they only wanted to fight, and they did it. Those patriots fought against the English tyrants, they fought with hearth and soul, they fought for the honor and many of them died, including William’s family, so, our child became orphan.

But when everything seemed only darkness andmisery, Argyle appeared, he was the William’s uncle, and this man decided to take William with him, and show him how to use the mind, and then he’ll show him how to use the sword.
Brave Hearth
Part Two

And then many years passed and one of those days, William Wallace came back being a complete man, his return was one day when a marriage was taking place, two Scottish was marrying and in themiddle of the great union Wallace saw a beautiful girl called Meurron, she was as beautiful as the bright blue sky and it simply was love at first sight, but in the middle of the celebration, the English soldiers arrived claming a right that Edward the first had just granted, this right called himself prima nocte, and it consisted in spending the night of weddings with the wife of one Scottish, ofcourse that this kinds of acts sowed the seed of the anger in William Wallace.

As a matter of fact the love was stronger than anything, and William and Meurron began to leave until the grade of marrying secretly because he didn't want to share their lover with an English pig. Unfortunately few days after their wedding, she was raped and murdered by those men that Scottish people hated.Wallace could escape and knowing what have happened to its wife he decided to take revenge, so already spreading a trap to the Englishmen forewarned of his actions and with the help of his town, he arrived until that who that had cut his lover's neck making him the same thing while he looked at him fixedly, as making him know all that had removed of him.
Brave Hearth
Part Three

This last event,far from scaring the Scotsmen gave them the value that before they never had and suddenly the feeling of patriotism was born again in those lands bordering them to fight for their homeland. Wallace began to travel all Scotland gathering many men and forming his army. Soon this news arrived until the king's son because Edward had left to France and when he knew that Wallace directed a lot of men heonly thought to send the army of the North.

Some months later, it was known that the confrontation would take place in the lands of Stirling in the current Scotland. And all thought that for the number of men in both decrees, the Englishmen would simply squash to the small Scottish resistance. But William knew like they would move his forces for what he devise a great plan to face them and...
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