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1 AS PART OF FIRE SERVICE AGREEMENT 2.2.1 Per-Call Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually

A) Annual Fire Alarm Inspection / Certification –$2500.00_

(Tagging on Fire Alarm System & Cert. on File)

B)Access Control System $170.00

($170.00 per month includes 1 service call of 2 hrs per month for trouble. Any additional hours will be billed in accordance to schedule at price


The Service Charges of$ _____ is payable Quarterly , $_______________ Annually


A) Runner Service Normal Business Hours $_170.00_________ $__________ $__________ $___________$___________

(Normal Business Hrs. are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. M-F) (Per- Call COVERS FIRST 2 HRS MIN SERVICE CALL CHARGE )

B) Runner Service Non-Normal Business Hours $__225.00 _$__________ $__________ $___________ $___________

(Non-Normal Business Hrs. are 6 p.m. – 7 a.m. M-F & Sat. – Sun) (Per - Call COVERS FIRST HR MIN SERVICE CALL CHARGE )

1.51The subscriber hascontracted with the Service Company for the Fire Alarm System and / or service at premises indicated on Service Agreement, (hereinafter called the Premises)
1.52 The subscriber has contracted with the Service Company to enter into agreement with Central Station Service as per NFPA72 and local Fire Department to comply with Runner Service and Central Station Service and the subscriber agrees to payfees for such as per price Listed on Schedule E

1.53 The Subscriber agrees with Company maintenance, testing and inspection is included as per NPFA72,that system will be maintained and fully functional at all times and deficiencies repaired within 4 hour as per Co. Code Sect. 14-66 (a) and 14-66(5);if specific part is needed to be able to repair deficiencies and specific part needs to beordered, Company will advise AHJ by means of letter.

1.54 The Subscriber agrees with Company that runner shall be provided with keys or other means to access alarm as per Co. Code Sect 14-66(4)(a), in order to have 2 hour response after notification of alarm signal or supervisory signal and 4 hour response after notification of trouble signal. If monitoring is required Customer agrees thatrunner will be dispatched without prior approval by Customer.


2.1 The Company and the Subscriber have entered into a Service Agreement wherein and whereby the Company will provide additional Services for the Subscriber, such services to consist of those set and shall become part of 2.2.21 Terms of this Agreement. This agreement isnon-cancelable.

Basic Fire Alarm Services Include:
a) Direct call response by experienced operators, to an emergency condition until proper authorities are notified. 1.2 Fire Services.

b) Direct call response until a station designated by subscriber is notified.
c) Direct dispatch of Service Technician billed on hourly base in accordance toexisting price list on schedule.
e) Subscriber agrees to pay Company for Fire Alarm Services itemized as part of 2.2.21 Terms of this Agreement and shall be govern by Fire Service Agreement.
2. The Subscriber and the Company agree that the Company’s sole and only obligation under Schedule shall be to service and inspection reports.
Report any deficiencies to Property...
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