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I. Definition of Emotional Intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence is a new discipline of knowledge philosophically, it refers to the competence to identify and express emotions understand emotions, assimilate emotions in thought and regulate emotions in the self and in others
The term of (EI) 1, however, was not formally defined until two articles were published in 1990. The first article definedEI as ¨the ability to monitor one´s own and others feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one´s thinking and actions¨ (Emotional Intelligence: Key Readings on the Mayer and Salovey Model. By Peter Salovey, Marc A. Brackett, John D. Mayer. Pag: 1)
Emotional Intelligence has come to mean too many things to many people. If there is such a thing as the´field of emotional intelligence´ it is because of the popularity of a book published in 1995 by Dr. Daniel Goleman. Emotions make things happen; they do not confuse or distort it. This is the core of emotions contain data: they are not extraneous events which come upon us without a good reason. Emotions do not interfere with good decisions making, they are, in fact, necessary and critical forall effective decisions.
Daniel Goleman, American psychologist, under the term "Emotional Intelligence" reflects the thinking of many scientists about human behavior, who question the value of rational intelligence as a predictor of success in specific tasks of life, in various areas of family, business, decision making, professional performance, etc. Citing numerous studies Goleman concludes thatEI is not a good predictor of have a successful life. Pure intelligence does not guarantee good management of the events that occur and is necessary face the problems to succeed in life.
Academic intelligence is few compare with have a developed emotional intelligence; the smartest people can sink into the dangers of uncontrollable passion or impulses.

We, like human beings are full ofemotions, for this reason we have to learn how manage them. Emotions are charge of many of our reactions in different ways like happiness, sadness, anger, etc. In all the aspects of our life emotions direct our decisions for this motive is very important to know how we can control them, the wrong use of emotions ca be a serious problem in our life. Emotional Intelligence helps us to have power underour actions, know our behavior and manage our decisions. For that reason Emotional Intelligence nowadays is one of the most important discoveries of the society, these because we always have to share the world with many people.
II. Historical roots of Emotional Intelligence.
When psychologists began to write and think about intelligence, they focused on cognitive aspects, such as memory andproblem-solving. However, there were researchers who recognized early on that the non-cognitive aspects were also important. Furthermore, as early as 1943 Wechsler was proposing that the non-intellective abilities are essential for predicting one’ s ability to succeed in life. Robert Thorndike, to take another example, was writing about social intelligence in the late thirties. Unfortunately, the workof these early pioneers was largely forgotten or overlooked until 1983 when Howard Gardner began to write about multiples intelligence. Gardner proposed that intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences are as important as the type of intelligence typically measured by Intellectual Intelligence and related tests. Now let us switch our historical lens to 1940s, the Ohio State Leadership Studiessuggested that consideration is an important aspect of effective leadership. More specifically, this research suggested that leaders, who are able to establish mutual trust, respect, and a certain warmth and rapport with members of their group will be more. I could cite other strands of research and theory, but I think it is clear that by the early 1990s, there was a long tradition of research on...
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