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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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enjoy dance and known

there is a different kinds of music



If you like music that remembers you of the beach and quiet Caribbean Bar recomendamosCongo There willtransport you to a magical place filled with reggae rhythms and tropical sounds, you can relax because the ground is really real sand covering the cold tile. With music from resident DJ, who is also a rastaheart and soul, you will enjoy this place designed just for you.

ADDRESS: Cra 7 # 49-57
Opening hours: Thursday - Sat 8 pm - 3 a.m.
CITY: Bogota
AVERAGE PRICE: Between $ 10,000 and 30,000DONDE TOÑO


But if you want something more cheerful, Music & Café bar, better known as "Where toño" located in the heart of the university rumba in the street block 51, gives you totalcash-paced fun, and accordion guacharaca two-story space in which to schedule listen vallenato rumba night.

ADDRESS: Calle 51 # 9-62
CITY: Bogota
AVERAGE PRICE: No Average Price
neighborhood: ChapineroBLOSSOM


If you want a more relaxed but fun plan, Blossom is the recommended bar. Here, the idea is to hear good rock together with the liquor of your choice, where the decor isunusual, as among the plants that resemble a forest and alternative graphics decorate the Great Wall, it creates a perfect environment to relax and share with your friends.

ADDRESS: Cl 57 # 6-04
PHONE:2147626 -
CITY: Bogota
AVERAGE PRICE: Between $ 10,000 and 30,000


Invitro, bar of many mixtures but essentially electronic beats, ochentereros, dance and housedepending on Dj of the night. Usually has two or three week Dj will you dance with street view and the great city because of its large windows.

DIRECCIÓN:Cl. 59 # 6-38 piso 2

TELÉFONO:2491302 -HORARIO ATENCIÓN: Tuesday - saturday 6 p.m. - 3 a.m.


PRECIO PROMEDIO:Entre $30.000 y 50.000


But if you like diversity and the 'crossover' is what I most...