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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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The British are known for their unconditional love for tea at 5 pm, the so-called Five O'clock Tea. They are also famous for beingthe creators of the game and for their fanaticism for cricket, one of the quintessential English sports. However, there are many more traditions andcustoms of England.

One thing you need to know, especially if you travel to this country, is that the English are quite disciplined and exquisite goodmanners. If you do not want to be rude or disrespectful as you have to say Hello or Good Morning every time you meet someone and express Thank you forPlease thank and to ask for something. Furthermore, as in any society, it is always best to show you with a smile.

They may seem cold and unfriendly, butat the same time, the English give you the greeting of crucial importance in everyday life. This is usually a handshake, whether male or female, askisses on the cheek only occur among people very close.

Other traditions and customs of England have to do with their foods. The main dish is fish andchips, also emphasizes beef, lamb, chicken, sandwiches and vegetables. If it comes to beverages, clearly, the tea takes the top spot, although the Englishdrink coffee, ale, whiskey and wine.

A place where the English are reunited with their friends for a few drinks are public houses, better known as pubs.Did you know that there are almost 60 000 pubs across the UK? Pubs are a symbol of social life in England, where people eat, drink, talk and relax.
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