Courtesy and kindness

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Courtesy and kindness

I think that the courtesy is one to the most principal valorous that we have to practice. Because if we don’t have this valorous we never can have much things that thepeople obtain when they practice this type of things.

I know much cases when the people that don’t practice for example the courtesy and kindness never obtain the thing that they can or want tohave , but if they for example are more courtesy or kindness with the people they probably will have all the thing that they want or they need.

I remember one time when I gone to the park withmy best friend Marisol and she always think that is she don’t like some thing she always have to answer bad at all the thing that the people think about she but one day one person is near to us and hesay that he was very pretty but when he say at she this he answer very bad she said that he was a stupid and that he never say this other time.

I think that we never have to answer that thisform because the people some times don’t say us nothing bad and I say that we always have to be kindness don’t important which people is or in what country or city lives.

All we are the sameall we have many differences but all we was crated by our father God that is all for we.



I think that the discipline is very important in the live to wherever people becauseall you imagine if the people don’t have for example the people don’t have any type of discipline the world will be completely horrible because for example when one father teach at his child thatsome things they never have to do the child understand and he always think that if he do this thing the father was angry.

One day I remember that I was playing in my house when my mother say methat don’t bring any more and I say but why and she told me that I maybe had an accident, but really for my don’t was important but when I beginning to bring more and more and more I fall and I brake...
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