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  • Publicado : 26 de diciembre de 2011
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Mancha Real (Jaén), November, 7th, 2011
To the attention of:
Applications Manager. Volunteer Action for Peace. 8 Golden Ridge.
Isle of Wright PO40 9LE
Re: Gap Year-Co-operation with yourorganization
Dear Sir or Madam,
To begin with, let me introduce myself. My name is Álvaro Suárez. I’m currently studying the degree of English Studies at the University of Jaen (Andalucía) in Spain.While I’m studying, I’m trying to find some activities in order to fill in a gap year during my degree and get some work experience before finishing my studies. Some time ago I read an article aboutsome gap year information in which I found an advertisement about your organization.
As a result, I thought that it would be interesting and satisfying for me to apply for a year off working for yourorganization. I found on the Internet a myriad of information about all the projects you offer. I have also achieved some previous experience due to my work with The Red Cross Foundation by buildinghomes for underprivileged people in the North East area of Jaen. On top of that, I have also worked as a volunteer on projects related to clean our neighborhood and collecting food for people who cometo Spain looking for a job because they cannot find it in their countries.
To sum up, I think all these things can help me grow up as a better person and also help me to enjoy the activities yousuggest.
I feel very committed with the preservation of human rights and I would love to help you to protect people and save their futures. I have browsed your homepage and read that your mostimportant projects could be related to building projects or ecological work. However, I would prefer to focus on other working environments, like art projects. The most important thing for me is helping allvolunteers who are working with you to create a good place for homeless people, who may have suffered the effects or a civil war or natural disasters.
From my viewpoint, this experience might be...
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