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(Company Name)
Import Procedures


Employment Application
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It is the policy of (Company Name) to hire individuals who arequalified or suitable for employment as determined by set standards of physical requirements, education, experience, and aptitude. (Company Name) prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color,religion, national origin, sex, age, and disability and will comply with all Federal laws concerning employment. All decisions regarding the recruitment, selection, and placement of employees aremade solely on the basis of job-related criteria. In no event shall the hiring of an employee be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and (Company Name). Unlessotherwise provided in writing, the relationship between the employee and (Company Name) shall be defined as "employment at will," where either party may dissolve the relationship at any time.

Note:Most organizations have written employment policies and procedures that can be used or modified to complete this section.


1. Vacant positions will be posted internally and filled fromwithin (Company Name) whenever possible. If there are no internal candidates that meet the qualifications, then an external search will be made using newspaper, online job boards and other methods asappropriate.

2. To aid in the process of selecting those most qualified for employment, (Company Name) may utilize employment tests as a part of normal hiring procedures. The tests will bevalidated to ensure that they are objective instruments whose content and format clearly reflect job requirements and measure the person for the job.

3. Application Process

a. Every applicant seekingemployment with (Company Name) must personally complete and sign the Application for Employment Form. This form must include personal references, professional references, and attested statements by...
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