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After a long time the wolf man was in the midst of a terrible loneliness, because any girl who approached him looking at him with horror, no one could considerhim part of society.

He lover of a princess spying and chasing each day without noticing her, she was a charming girl, sweet, beautiful and humble.

The heartless beast,this name they gave the village children. A man or animal… soulless, dead, roamed the dark streets of the old Italy, immersed in sadness and tears, the only reason to fight thecurse was to get the love of the beautiful maiden, he knew that it was difficult because of their status so he always left on your door most beautiful flowers of Italy; Eachmorning the women gathered each petal soil, bewildered she whispered in who would be able to do more wonderful awakening. One night decided behind a tree waiting the arrival ofthat person; least what she imagined was that the flowers were left by a wolf.

The wolf man found the girl and he said "You are wonderful and I would love to share with youmy whole life" she accepted and they were really happy all their lives and then they travelled around the world and they found a doctor to change his wolf disease and he was anormal man after it. They had a normal life. They bought a castle in England and then they travelled around the world helping people to cure them from the wolf effect diseaseand they had many children and a lot of money too searching for gold oil.

There was a wolf enemy and he had to fight against him because he wanted to quit his girlfriendforever and he did not want that it happen so he injected the cure to the other wolf man and he was a normal man again and he quieted his revenge and he found the love too.
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