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The Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time, a king and a queen had a baby girl. They invited some fairies to the castle; one fairy said: “she’s going to be very intelligent”, another said: “she’s goingto be very pretty”. But a bad fairy said: “she’s going to cut her hand whit a spindle and she’s going to die”. A good fairy said:”The princess isn’t going to die, she’s going to sleep for a hundredyears and she’s going to wake up a prince kisses her.

One day, where the was sixteen years old, she saw an old woman whit a spindle, she took the spindle, cut her hand and went to sleep. The king andthe queen put the princess on a bed and then everybody went to sleep too.

A hundred years later, a young prince was riding whit his friends near a forest of enormous trees when they saw the towerof a castle. They decided to go there , but it was very difficult because of the vegetation and only the prince reached the castle. He went in, everybody was sleeping. The prince came to the last roomand opened door. The princess was there, sleeping on a bed, she was very beautiful. The prince looked at her, kisses her said:” I love you, sleeping beauty”. She woke up, looked into the prince’seyes and said:” I love you, too”. Then everybody woke up too. Two days later the prince married the princess and they were very happy together.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once there was a young boy. Hewatched his father’s sheep. Every day he took them to a green valley to eat. The boy didn’t like his job. One day, he decided to play a game. “Wolf! Wolf! Help me!” he shouted.

The people in thevillage were working when they hear him shout. They stooped working and ran to the valley .the boy looked at them and laughed. “There isn’t a wolf”, he said. “Ha ha, ha! I was playing a game.” But thepeople didn’t laugh. They were very angry. The next day, the same thing happened. The people were angrier than the day before. “Don’t shout for us again.” They said.

Then one day, the boy was...
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