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The boy and the sheep

Once upon a time a boy that lived with his family in the farm in a little house. They were very united and loving family and they were felt very happy in the farm.
Hisgreatest desire was go to the school and learning a lot of things for being a veterinarian in the future.

The boy had a flock of sheep that pulled out to pasture and drink water for keeping themhealthy so its milk will be more delicious and nutritious, and its wool will be more fine and resistant by the way they will sell the milk and wool at better prices.

While the sheep ate he looked thelandscape, differents kind of trees, plants, animals that he had seen in the farm because so he will know more about nature and all that lived in it.
The day was wonderful, there were birds of a lotof colors and the sun was so resplendent that illuminated the environment perfectly.

As he was hungry so he decided to get something to eat and he found a fruit tree.
The tree was a lot of fruitsso grabbed some fruits to eat. When he finished to eat, he was looking for water because he was thirsty and he had to come back quickly to see what happened with the sheep.

on the road he found asnake so he rose to a wall because he was afraid of it and suddenly could bite him.
The snake looked him fixedly and it didn’t want to go so he had to wait until the snake left him for getting downthe wall.

When he came back to watch the sheep, he laid down in the grass because he was feel so tired and he wanted to rest a little so that follow with your job and don’t lose sight of the sheepbecause some of them could get lose or be attacked by any wild animal.

He stood up immediately and he went to see the sheep because he was worried about them but they were all there.
While he waswatching the sheep, he saw a little squirrel ate seeds that had on the grass, the squirrel was beautiful and it ran very fast in the grass.

He ran behind the squirrel but it disappeared instantly...
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