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Questions about unit 3: “TIME FOR A CHANGE”
1. - Do you live in a house or an apartment? I live in house.
2. - What is it like? My house is very nice but it is small,but not as much as an apartment. It is two-story house has four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms and a study.
It also has a special touchbecause everything is wood and has many plants.
3. - Is your house or apartment enough for you, or is it too small or big? My house is not very big, in fact the space issmall, the advantage is that it is a two-story house and also we are few members in the family.
4. - Does it have enough rooms? Yes, everyone has their own room.
5. -What´s your neighborhood like? My neighborhood is very nice and clean is also very quiet because it is a private and never been robbed.
6. - What do you think you could changeabout your home? Nothing, I like this. Occasionally even the paint and remodel.
7. - What do you think you could change about your school? For now nothing is verybeautiful, big, comfortable, clean and technique. Even if I would like to change the system of study.
8. - What do you think your boyfriend or girlfriend should change abouthim or herself? I love him, but if you should change the habit of smoking because it is bad for health, there should be a little more responsible.
9. - Ask me what I wouldlike to change about my life? The truth I know very little personally, but as a teacher I would like to leave less homework...!
10 Ask one of you classmates, what she orhe would like to change about her or him selves.
Alejandro said they would like to be a little more responsible, stop going out and leave some day cigarette habit.
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