Cultural awareness

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Cultural awareness
You are the manager of a company in Italy, which produces a new product. You are very open-minded, so you want to have a multicultural office. But, you don’t expect the problemsthat you may face:
* Problems between the employees;
* Problems between the different employees and you, the manager.
In your company we can find African, American, European and Asian people.Everyone has its own culture and traditions. And everybody will learn a lot about the others, but there’s an effort that has to be made by all of you. You have to notice that for example, practicingIslamic people need the time to wash themselves and pray many times in a day. Another aspect to consider is the communication, which can be difficult when the foreign person doesn’t know very wellItalian language and expressions. Also you must think about the concept of the “time” for everyone: maybe for Mediterranean persons time is more “long” and flexible, and they prefer to work slowly andhave their coffee breaks with the others; but for British people, time is more stressful, so for them they have to achieve their work in the shortest time possible.

The important of this is that youhave to look for and to read a lot of information about other cultures before you meet them. And try to not judge them, but understand them at least. And if you can’t because it’s very different toyours, ask them about it, do the effort of understanding what are their feelings about their traditions and why they are doing something that for you is impossible to do or believe! Be empathic. Maybeyou’ll like the differences and you’ll find them interesting… Explain to them your culture and traditions, your way to do things and to work, and what are you expecting from them. And if you reallywant to win their sympathy and make them feel happy in the company, organize a party or a dinner, with cultural games, where everybody can describe whatever how, its culture, food, traditions, how...
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