Cultural marketing resumen

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Synthesis of Cultural Seminars
Juan Manuel Restrepo
In the first presentation in class “Projet Culturel Pour Rouen” we saw how Rouen is developing new policies to promote and increase cultural activities and participation internally and externally by attracting new individuals. They want to democratization of the access to culture to all individuals in the community.
To do this theyare creating a modern perspective of the city cultural identities. The restoration of the heritage of the town integrated to urban evolutions and an attractive economy.
They would like to reach all kind of publics and offer them access to Rouen`s culture. They are in process of developing a cultural police to favor the families and individuals that have less access to culture. One area is the“Adoptons les Arts à l’école” where they promote the artistic culture.

In order to achieve these goals they are strengthening cultural associations and especially the ones that promote spectacles and plastic arts. They have between 90 and 100 associations with a budget of 1.870.000 Euros every year. In plastic arts they are promoting local artists with galleries expositions. The promotion of othertypes of cultural tools such as cinema, in live spectacle (music and theater) and audio is part of the strategy.
Another important cultural player is literature and they are developing strategies to attract and foment readers by creating free libraries and new reading cultural activities.
Schools and universities play an important role in culture promotion by giving students access andcultural education. They are implementing in schools and universities music classes and contests between education centers.
Rouen has many museums that they want to position and promote. They have scientific, arts and history museums located in the town. A strategy is being developed to have expositions and art rotation to attract the community to visit and be entertained by new arts. They also want toattract the young public with live shows.
An international strategy has been developed to position Rouen with different partners in the world. Rouen wants to recover its history and culture by finding and perfecting its image with old and new publics.
I think Rouen is developing very interesting strategies to promote culture by involving and targeting the individuals with less access toculture and trying to generate a sustainable strategy in young people with different means to access culture.
Galleries and Culture
Culture in a historical and external appearance in France is seen as the leader of culture in many aspects. But really is very different from the perceptions we have in the exterior. France was in the midde XX century the world leader of culture with many artisticcreations but in recent years other cultural centers have grown and been positioning in London, New York and recently in Asia.
Culture from an anthropology perspective in France is seen as a common and collective way to behave as a community. The other type of culture is static where individuals though innovation and illustration want to illustrate new forms of interpreting the world.
One of theseforms of interpretation is Art where innovation is essential. There is a special period where Impressionist, Surrealism and other forms of art where created that may explain today’s perception of France or specially Paris as a cultural reference.
Today there are more galleries in London and New York than in Paris. Galleries are not the only way to sell o transfer art there also individual artsellers and sells houses. The worldwide sells for art are 5 billion Euros: 1 billion for contemporary art.
Art in France is different from an external perspective than from a real internal perspective. In the presentation we say how France wants’ to recover a position in art with participation of more French artists in the world. Not in terms of size because only because of population USA and...
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