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UNITS 10 - 12


Full Name: _____________________________________ Support Center:

Instructions: This evaluation must be submitted on the fourth month after you have finished studying units 10, 11and 12.


Play your Class CD 3 and listen totrack 71

A. Listen to two people discussing what life will be life in 2050 and complete the sentences.

1. Information technology _____could__________ become the most important thing.
2. People _____________may_____________ work from home more.
3. There ______________will be probably____________ be more unemployment.
4. Doctors ______might____________ find a cure for cancer.
5. There______must_____________ be life out there somewhere.

B. Listen again and complete the notes on the positive and negative aspects they mention.
Positive aspects
6. People: __________people will live longer______________________________
7. AIDS, cancer and other chronic diseases: __doctors might find a cure____________________
8. Life on other planets: ___scientists might discover lifeon other planets_____________
Negative aspects
9. Unemployment: __________there will probably be more unemployment________
10. Computers: ________computer might control our lives for us____________

C. Here is a section from a problem page letter. Fill in the gaps with these expressions: in fact, to be honest, actually, really, stuff. 5 points

D.Fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the box. 5 points

16. In the summer time, mosquitoes can get really _______disgusting______.
17. The living conditions in refugee camps are usually absolutely ____appalling______.
18. I was ________appalled ___________ by the way he treated his dogs, he allowed them to eat at the table with everyone else!
19. She was very ____DISGUSTED____because they kept her waiting for 30 minutes.
20. That fish smells _____DISGUSTING__________, I can’t eat it!


Fill in the gaps with the –ing form or infinitive form of the verb in brackets 10 points

E. Complete the sentences with a relative pronoun: who, which, that, where5 points
31. The police spoke to several people _____WHO______ could be suspects.
32. New York is the city _________WHERE______ 1.2 million Hispanics live.
33. I prefer clothes ________THAT________ are comfortable to wear.
34. The squatters ______WHO ________ lived in that old house have been evicted.
35. She works in that shop _____THAT_________ sells really cheap sportswear.F. Circle the best option to complete the sentences. 5points
36. They could / must have left the office because there are no lights on in the building.
37. We can’t / might go to the party because we’re already doing something else that night.
38. Julie must / might study French but she’s still a bit undecided.
39. Arsenal mustn’t / can’t have won the match! Theyplayed so badly.
40. He could / must be joking but you never know with his sense of humor.

G. Complete the sentences with the definite article or nothing. 5 points

41. _______THE______ Nile will become so polluted that no fish will survive in it.
42. _________X_______ English will continue to be the most important international language.
43. _______THE________ hottest countriesin the world will become deserts.
44. _________X________ unemployment in western countries will continue to increase.
45. ________THE________ internet will be so popular that nobody uses the phone system.


H. Read the text.

Circle the correct answer. 5 points

46. Which statement is true according to the article?
a. Whenever people tell...
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