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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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Dalton’s atomic theory.
The ancient Greeks thing that the matter consists in simple units and this unit was called Atom.
They think that the Atom is unique and indivisible, wecannot divide more and all the matter consisted in that. His theory really was true, but they hadn’t tested that theory until John Dalton. John Dalton was burn in the Eagles field city,in England. He tested many postures of his own hypothesis, he tested and public. The many ideas were published and they are:
* All matter is composed of atoms
* Atomscannot be made or destroyed
* All atoms of the same element are identical
* Different elements have different types of atoms
* Chemical reactions occur when atoms arerearranged
* Compounds are formed from atoms of the constituent elements.
In addition, the idea that all atoms of a given element are identical in their physical and chemical propertiesis not precisely true, as we now know that different isotopes of an element have slightly varying weights. However, Dalton had created a theory of immense power and importance.Indeed, Dalton's innovation was fully as important for the future of the science as Antoine Laurent Lavoisier's oxygen-based chemistry had been.
But, however always have to be amistake, and he is not exception. He had sick on his eyes, a rare sick in his eyes, he suffer colorblind, and he was confused with his experiment and the color of this. The name of thissick is called too Daltonism.
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