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The Data Warehouse Toolkit
Second Edition



The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling

Ralph Kimball Margy Ross

Wiley Computer Publishing

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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The Data Warehouse Toolkit
Second Edition

The Data Warehouse Toolkit
Second Edition

TheComplete Guide to Dimensional Modeling

Ralph Kimball Margy Ross

Wiley Computer Publishing

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
N E W YO R K • C H I C H EST E R • W E I N H E I M • B R I S BA N E • S I N G A P O R E • TO R O N TO

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Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Dimensional Modeling Primer

xv xvii 1

Different Information Worlds Goals of a Data Warehouse
The Publishing Metaphor

2 2

Components of a Data Warehouse
Operational Source Systems Data Staging Area Data Presentation Data AccessTools Additional Considerations

7 8 10 13 14

Dimensional Modeling Vocabulary
Fact Table Dimension Tables Bringing Together Facts and Dimensions

16 19 21

Dimensional Modeling Myths
Common Pitfalls to Avoid


Chapter 2 Retail Sales


Four-Step Dimensional Design Process Retail Case Study
Step 1. Select the Business Process Step 2. Declare the GrainStep 3. Choose the Dimensions Step 4. Identify the Facts

30 32
33 34 35 36




Dimension Table Attributes
Date Dimension Product Dimension Store Dimension Promotion Dimension Degenerate Transaction Number Dimension

38 42 45 46 50

Retail Schema in Action Retail Schema Extensibility Resisting Comfort Zone Urges
Dimension Normalization (Snowflaking) Too Many...
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