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dfgSecond Semester Environmental Science Essay
Topic: Choose one of your choice from the ever-growing list on Edline
Assignment: Write an investigative or persuasive essay. The exact format of theessay will change depending on what topic you choose. But overall, the essay should have a strong introduction that summarizes your essay, including a definitive position statement. The sequencingshould be logical and each sentence of each paragraph should relate to the same topic, and each paragraph should flow into the next. A strong conclusion that summarizes your main points is alsonecessary, and the essay should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. For ideas that are not your own, and of course quotes, you need to use in-text citations. Each of these citations should beincluded in a bibliography at the end of the paper, which should be in proper MLA format. Lastly, the essay needs to be submitted correctly via turnitin.com.
Grading: This is mostly a pass/fail assignment.Mostly? You can earn either a 90 or a 100, or you fail and earn a zero. However, you can submit the essay more than once if need be. In fact, I encourage you to submit a rough draft to me so I canmake corrections and suggestions before submitting the final draft to be graded. If you do not pass, I will return the essay to you and you can try again. Up until the final due date. If you pass, youwill automatically earn a 90, unless your essay is exceptional. It would need to be extremely well-researched, carefully constructed, and properly cited, with no spelling or grammar errors. See thereverse side of this paper for the detailed rubric. You’ll notice there is only one column. That’s because those are the requirements I am looking for in your essay. If your essay does not meet thoserequirements, don’t bother submitting it because you’ll fail! If you need help, meet with me!
Due Date: Essays will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you don’t have too much other work right now,...
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