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Decision Matrix: Selecting a Hosted Contact Center Service in the US
"As we conducted our research it was clear that LiveOps is on many companies' radar screen, including other service providers noted in the Decision Matrix. LiveOps was the competitor m entioned most often, either as a potential threat, or as a company that was viewed to have transformational impact on the contact center space,"said Ian Jacobs, senior analyst for Ovum and author of the report. "LiveOps is certainly a company we would recommend to our clients in the midfor consideration." Ian Jacobs, Sr. Analyst, Ovum

In a nutshell
This report explores the competitive dynamics within the multi-tenant hosted contact center service market in the US and helps businesses select a vendor based on itstechnology strength, reputation among customers, and impact on the market. Ovum provides a complete view of vendor capabilities and advises on those that businesses should explore, consider and most importantly shortlist.

Hosted versus premises-based contact centers
Over the last two years, under extreme pressure to retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and reduceoverhead costs, enterprises have been forced to rethink their customer care strategies to find the right balance between effectiveness and efficiency. At the heart of this strategy is the contact center the front line in customer service for most enterprises. It is imperative for contact centers to remain competitive and flexible as business needs evolve. Given the new investment philosophy, agrowing number of enterprises are looking towards hosted contact center services to reduce capital outlay and to access a wide range of technology options despite shrinking budgets and limited in-house expertise while focusing on developing new business processes and creating more flexible staffing plans. Access to new features/functions and expertise, more ec onomically palatable usage-based opexmodels, and improved scalability and flexibility make hosted contact centers an attractive option for enterprises today. Moreover, quick deployment timeframes and cloud-based service have made it relatively easy for enterprises to implement. Adoption of the hosted model will also be driven by changes in the traditional on-premises switch market. Many existing contact center deployments are built ontop of technology nearing end-of-life. At the same time, market consolidation means that many companies are re-evaluating their technology infrastructure.

Not just economic advantages
-as-aIT discussions. Propelled by the proven scalability of on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, enterprise comfort levels with hosted technologyespecially multi-tenant hosted have risen dramatically in the past 24 months. This has started to pay off in the hosted contact center space, partly because the timing of that rise in comfort coincides with a feeling of inert IT innovation due to slow spending. This rise in comfort also means that enterprises are prepared to see hosted contact centers as more than just a cost-saving move. While fewenterprises to date have truly taken advantage of it, hosted contact centers can prove to be positive disruptors for enterprise processes. At heart, hosted contact centers enable enterprises to do new things not just to do the same things via a new telephony model. center solution. They can devote more attention to developing strategic campaigns and refining business processes. Because they haveoutsourced the contact center technology and much of its management, enterprise workers that used to spend their work days managing contact center IT infrastructure are now freed up to focus on projects that drive greater value to the business. These workers could, for instance, create and roll out a new debt collection initiative to recoup small debts, or refine cross -sell campaigns to make them...
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