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DEH-2250UBG DEH-2250UB

Português (B)

Owner’s Manual Manual de instrucciones Manual do proprietário


Before You Start
Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product. To ensure proper use, please read through this manual before using this product. It is especially important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONsin this manual. Please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

About this unit
! Do not allow this unit to come into contact with liquids. Electrical shock could result. Also, damage to this unit, smoke, and overheating could result from contact with liquids. ! “CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT” This product contains a laser diode of higher class than 1. To ensurecontinued safety, do not remove any covers or attempt to gain access to the inside of the product. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. ! Always keep the volume low enough to hear outside sounds. ! Avoid exposure to moisture. ! If the battery is disconnected or discharged, any preset memory will be erased.

In case of trouble
Should this unit fail to operate properly, please contact yourdealer or nearest authorized PIONEER Service Station.




Operating this unit Head unit
e f g h i Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DISP/ /SCRL 8 9 a b c d Part AUX input jack (3.5 mm stereo jack) USB port (list) k 1 to 6 a/b/c/d BAND/ESC LIST/ ENTER j Part VOLUME MUTE AUDIO DISP/SCRL e Operation Press to increase or decrease volume. Press to mute. Press again to unmute. Press to select anaudio function. Press to select different displays. Press and hold to scroll through the text information. Press to pause or resume. Press to select functions. Press and hold to recall the initial setting menu when the sources are off. Press to display the disc title, track title, folder, or file list depending on the source. While in the operating menu, press to control functions.


SRC/OFF MULTI-CONTROL (M.C.) Disc loading slot h (eject) CLOCK Detach button

Use an optional Pioneer USB cable (CD-U50E) to connect the USB audio player/USB memory to the USB port. Since the USB audio player/USB memory is projected forward from the unit, it is dangerous to connect directly. Do not use the unauthorized product.

Display indication

IndicatorOperation The disc (album) name is displayed. Album search refinement on the iPod browsing function is in use. The disc (track) artist name is displayed. Artist search refinement on the iPod browsing function is in use. ! ! Tuner: band and frequency Built-in CD ,USB and iPod: elapsed playback time and text information

Remote control
1 (disc)




Main display section


3 Section


Operating this unit
The track (song) name is displayed. A playable audio file has been selected while operating the list. Song search refinement on the iPod browsing function is in use. An upper tier of folder or menu exists. (folder) The list function is operated. A lower tier of folder or menu exists. It flashes when a song/album related to the song currently playing isselected from iPod. The local seek tuning is on. The loudness is on. The selected frequency is being broadcasted in stereo. Track or folder repeat is on. Random play is on. Shuffle function is on while the iPod source is being selected. The sound retriever function is on. Removing the front panel to protect your unit from theft 1 Press the detach button to release the front panel. 2 Grab the frontpanel and remove. 3 Put the front panel into the provided protective case for safe keeping. Re-attaching the front panel 1 Slide the front panel to the left until it clicks. Front panel and the head unit are connected on the left side. Make sure that the front panel has been properly connected to the head unit.



5 6




8 9 a b c d

LOC LOUD (loudness) 5 (stereo)...
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