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Human genocide:

In this topic I am going to talk about a very big problem that nowadays worldwide exists, Abortion, and believe it or not, there are many different opinions about it. I am going to talk about it in the most objective way, although I am totally against it.
First of all I am going to mention that: “Everyone has theright to life, liberty and security of person”(art. 3 of human rights). Although this article mentions three important things, I am going to speak about the most important one, that is the right to life, and how this human right is violated by the most horror ways, the Abortion.

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus. It canoccur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. The term abortion most commonly, refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy. (

Abortion is an issue that evokes, on all sides, very strong feelings and judgments and very heated recriminations. The most radicalformulation of the anti-abortion or "pro-life" side of the debate views abortion as the murder of unborn children, making an holocaust, only comparable to the Nazis genocide against the Jews.

On the other hand, the most radical formulation of the pro-abortion or "pro-choice" side views opposition to abortion as opposition to thefreedom of women, and an effort to subjugate women as nothing more than baby-making machines or, failing that, to see that they die in botched abortions as part of, indeed, something comparable to the Nazi genocide of the Jews. “Pro-choice" activists believe that the availability of abortion is absolutely necessary for the general alleviation of poverty and for the possibility of better and fulfillinglives for both women and children.

“Pro life” arguments
The basis of the "pro-life" position, in turn, is that human life starts with conception. The principal difficulty with the "starts with conception", is that the views of a very large number of "pro-life" people are inconsistent with it, when they support the idea of allowing theabortion only in case of rape and incest. That means, that following this point of view, the child has no guilt, so it has no sense trying to support something, but on the other hand, approve opposite.(
"Pro-life" people actually deny that they represent an "anti-choice" view of abortion or that they wish to prevent a woman from having control over her body. Their view is thatthe choice and the control come at the moment of sex, not at the moment of conception.“Sure a woman has the right to choose whether or not to become pregnant. She makes that choice before engaging in sex. To make that 'choice' after a pregnancy is underway, merely as a matter of birth control, is an immoral act.” (conservative Jewish columnist Mona Charen). The "pro-life" argument then is that theact of choosing to have sex is the act of choosing to accept responsibility for the possible consequences. To them it is no longer a question of a woman's control over her own body when it involves killing someone else, because the child about to born, has the right to live, and nobody should choose whether it must or must not live. (

Los Angeles Daily News, reports that 50% ofAmericans actually believe that abortion is murder, though only 22% believe that abortion should not be permitted. This division is only possible if a substantial number of people see responsibility, not "right to life”, 45% who believe in abortion with "stricter limits" reflect this view. To them it is serious, and responsibility is an issue, because of a sense that an embryo or a fetus is a living...
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