Desastres naturales (en ingles)

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Natural Disasters: Disasters are not natural phenomena are natural. Disasters are always presented by the action of man in his environment.

Tropical storm: It is that the weather phenomenon is described as part of the evolution of a tropical cyclone. Specifically within the range of 63 to 118 km / h.

Volcanic eruption: A violent issue, or at the surface of another planet,material from inside the globe. Except for the geysers, which emit hot water, and mud volcanoes whose subject, largely organic, comes from hydrocarbon deposits relatively close to the surface, eruptions are due to terrestrial volcanoes.

Earthquake: A shaking of the ground produced by the collision of tectonic plates and the energy release during a sudden reorganization of crustal materials toovercome the state of mechanical equilibrium.

Historical Setting:

In the century that elapsed from the year 1900, there were about one or two disasters for decades, ocuasionados by natural phenomena which have occurred in the decline of national development.

According to historical records, the number of events occurring in this century equivalent tothe occurrence of a daily event for 10 years. This has been one of the findings revealed by this study.

PERIOD 1900 - 1910

In the twentieth century began with great news for the national life, in economic, political and social conditions in El Salvador still in the process of consolidating its political-economic system that allows autonomy.
 Weather conditions, health and environment havecontributed to the proliferation of epidemics such as yellow fever and plague, among other events that directly affected the Salvadoran population and productive capacity.
Some events have been referred by their type in the coastal area of ​​the country as the tsunami of 1902 in the Barra de Santiago: as volcanic activity located in the vicinity of the active giants, as the case of 1904 in SantaAna volcano.
However deslisamientos floods and more related to the rainy season have had an impact throughout the country, albeit with a characteristic of the area prone to these events, as the case of Metapan in Santa Ana, the sand in San Salvador and coastal areas in the country. Earthquakes related in some cases, the activity of the volcanic chain in the country, and others, recorded majorevents outside the Salvadoran border were classified as some of the events that have affected the dynamics of destructive phenomena of nature on the Salvadoran soil.

PERIOD 1910-1920
 From 1910 to 1920 the sources of information for disaster Register here increases the emergence of the newspaper "La Prensa". Importantly, for the first 4 years (1910-1914) survey information for thecompilation of this chips was conducted primarily from local newspapers, memoirs, monographs, books and documents available in the general archives of the nation. The reason for this is that is not conserved in any documentation center commercial newspapers these years.
In this decade, El Salvador experienced a terremoton in 1915 the eruption of the volcano of San Salvador in 1917 that anearthquake reserio involvement ranges to San Salvador, quezatepeque, armenia, colon and Maple City. In addition there was a tsunami on the shores of freedom and peace in 1918, an earthquake with involvement in the cental and western.

PERIOD 1920-1930
 This decade, El Salvador experienced a catastrophic flood occurred in the barrios of San candle chandeliers salvador.En June 1922 so the same periods ofvolcanic eruptions of Izalco in Sonsonate, and Chaparrastique in San Miguel kept the population in these two areas alert levels which enabling the migration of many people.
One of the strongest eruptions of Izalco occurred in 1920 when according to the observations of the historian Jorge Larde volcanic complex that includes the volcanoes of Santa Ana, Izalco, San Marcelino and Cerro Verde...
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