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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2010
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Sales Bulletin #12908

AED Plus Trainer2 Available Now in Seven Languages The AED Plus® Trainer2 is now available in seven different languages: The part numbers and default configurations are as follows: English French German Spanish Italian Dutch Danish 8008-0050-01 8008-0050-02 8008-0050-08 8008-0050-10 8008-0050-11 8008-0050-16 8008-0050-27 AHA ERC ERC AHA ERC ERC ERC

The AED PlusTrainer2 has a CE mark and can be sold anywhere in the European Union. As shipped from ZOLL, all Trainer2s in English are configured to follow the AHA Guidelines (i.e., they will say to “GIVE TWO BREATHS.”) Users who wish to re-configure their unit for European Resuscitation Council Guidelines can do so easily by following the instructions in the Operator’s Guide. All packages shipped will contain: AEDPlusTrainer2 unit, hand-held remote controller, one set of training CPR-D•padz®, one set of CPR-D•padz training gels, one package of four D cell batteries, 2 AA batteries, and an Operator’s Guide. The list price for Trainer2 is the same as the current AED Plus Trainer. This new Trainer2 for users of the AED Plus differs from the current AED Plus Trainer in that it: • Has no LCD display. Instead ithas an image of the screen showing the text message “PUSH HARDER” along with the number of shocks, the time since turned on, and the bar gauge with marks for 1½ and 2 inches. Uses a wireless remote. This controller can be used to control multiple Trainer units simultaneously. Allows the instructor to control completely the prompting for “PUSH HARDER” and “GOOD COMPRESSIONS” during the CPRinterval. Unlike the current Trainer, it does not enforce the rules for saying “PUSH HARDER” only twice and “GOOD COMPRESSIONS” only once after saying “PUSH HARDER.” This will make it possible to use Trainer2 with any future AED Plus that provides more prompting during the CPR interval.

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Has no AC adapter. Four D cell batteries power the unit and 2 AA cell batteries power the hand-heldremote controller. These batteries will power the unit for more than 100 hours of continuous training usage. Uses the same training pads as the current AED Plus Trainer. All training pads that work with the current AED Plus Trainer. Fits into the standard AED Plus soft-pack carry bag. But carry bags must be bought separately, just as they are for the current AED Plus Trainer.

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Replacementremote controllers are also available. The part number is 80080007. These stand-alone remotes are universal and will work with any Trainer2 unit. They are labeled only with icons and will work with any language. The list price for replacement remote controllers is $69 each. ZOLL is not selling replacement batteries, which are readily available at retail outlets worldwide. A single-page sell sheet isavailable for the AED Plus Trainer2 in English. The part number is 9656-0202. A PDF is available now on in the AED Plus Literature folder. Translated versions of these sell sheets will become available in the future. The AED Plus Trainer2 does NOT replace the current Trainer. Until further notice, we are selling both the “old” Trainer (with wired remote, etc.) and Trainer2. AED Plus Trainer2
Practice an AED Plus Rescue with Total Instructor Control

An accurate, well-controlled, and simple simulation of what it’s like to use an AED Plus® in a real rescue.

AED Plus Trainer2 includes: • AED Plus Trainer2 training AED • Wireless remote controller • One set of AED Plus Training CPR-D•padz ® • One set of AED Plus Trainer CPR-D•padz reusable gels • 4 D cellbatteries • 2 AA cell batteries • Operator’s Guide

Complete Simulation Control at the Instructor’s Fingertips The ZOLL® AED Plus Trainer2 allows CPR and first aid instructors to have students experience what it’s like to save a life with the AED Plus. Choose from four different fixed rescue scenarios or have complete manual control of the entire rescue. A wireless remote controller enables the...
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