Dia de los muertos

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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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Día de los Muertos

1. What U.S. holiday does the Day of the Dead seem to connect with?
a. Christmas
b. Easter
c. Halloween

2. How do people in Mexicoview death?
a. death is not the end of the life cycle
b. death is sad and terrible
c. death is ruled by evil spirits who come back to haunt the living

3. Whatmain object is used to decorate altars and cemeteries?
a. food
b. flowers
c. pictures

4. Which of the following are offerings that could be found on an altar?
a.money, pictures and cake
b. incense, gold and books
c. flowers, pictures and food

5. What do candles represent during the Day of the Dead?
a. nothing, they arejust decoration
b. candles keep the evil spirits aways
c. a candle is lit for each dead family member

6. If the day is cloudy, what do people use in order toguide the spirits home?
a. incense
b. flowers
c. food

7. Pan de muerto (bread of the dead) symbolizes what?
a. skeleton
b. the cycle of life
c. death'sjourney

8. What are some activities that people do during the Day of the Dead celebration?
a. hide in their houses to keep away from the evil spirits
b. go to churchand stay for the entire day
c. decorate the cemetery and meet with family members

9. During what time of the year is this holiday celebrated?
a. the beginning ofNovember
b. end of April
c. beginning of the new year

10. According to the interview at the end of the video, does everyone in Mexico celebrate the Day of theDead?
a. Yes, everyone celebrates this holiday.
b. No, most people in Mexico do not celebrate this holiday
c. Most people celebrate, but the degree of beliefs varies.
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