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Dialogo de Ingles

El teléfono suena……..
Javier: hello..?
Jean: hello Mr. Javier we calling from VH1 studio
Javier: oh, I has been waiting for your call
Jean: I propose you, tocome the next week for an interview, can you?
Javier: that’s sounds good, will be good for me, sure why not?
Jean: Well, please come the next Fridays at 9:00 O’Clock
Javier: Sure I’ll bethere
En el estudio
Jean: Good morning Mr. Javier please wait there,you will be on air in 20 seconds
Javier: OHHH! You didn’t tell that I was going to be on air
Jean: It’s toolate, on air in 3, 2, 1…. Good morning my people. Today we have Mr. Javier Machado talking about he’s recently appears in the world of music, Please Javier, take a seat
Javier: Thanks youJean: I introduce myself, my name is Jean Paul Contreras and you should be Javier Machado.
Javier: Yes I am
Jean: this interview it’s for talk about your personality and your mood, to meetyou more than we know, you already will know this.
Javier: no, sorry I don’t, First this sounds like you changed all the interview, and next: you didn’t tell me that was going to be on airJean: Sorry Mr. Javier, I don’t know what you are talking about
Javier: ohm, Forget it, please continue with this, then I can go home
Jean: Ohhh, sorry, are you mad?
Javier: No, I notmad. Its that your getting quite annoying
Jean: we don’t even start the interview, and you are already fighting with me
Javier: But you…
Jean: Well lets continue.
Javier: ok
Jean: talkme about your fake inspiration for your music, that its all people saying
Javier: How can you dare to say that!
Jean: Its not me, I’m just the reporter, if you have somenting to complainoff. Talk to my boss
Javier: Well, Doesn’t matter. My inspiration was my sick dessert
Jean: And for the end, this give an applause for our dear friend Javier
Javier: Ok thanks for nothing…
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