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Roman art in spain

The culture and roman art of Hellenistic character came since old Greek colonies like Ampurias and generalized with the roman conquest of Hispania since the Second Punic War.The roman art in Spain is only a regional variety of the architectural, sculptural and pictorial stile of the centuries: XI XII and part of the XIII developed in Europe. Is the result of thecombination armonic of various influences like roman, byzantine, Germanic, Arabic, etc.
The firsts manifestations of the art of the old Rome were born under the influence of the Etruscan art, immediatelyinfected with the Greek art, that they met in the colonies of the magna Greece of the south of Italia, who were conquered by Rome in the process of the unification of the peninsula, during the centuries:IV and III B.C. The Greek influence increase when, in the century II B.C., Rome uses Macedonia and Greece.
Hispania limited to all about art and roman capital mode. Existed a high art in Rome andmost important cities of this, according to the Hellenic stile, more rationalistic and naturalistic.

The lower Roman Empire opens the period known as Late Antiquity, that the radical modification ofthe Roman civilization had its consequences in art. For the Hispania in IV century means a new time of splendor.

Mozarabic art

The architecture of the X is submitted to a strong Musliminfluence. The christian Spain had widened their domains, and this new territories, were repopulated with mozarabics (christian who had lived in a Muslim zone)
in the beginnings of the century Xwas coined the term mozarabic, giving name to the christian art of the century X, also are mozarabics, the christians that stayed living in the muslim zone. this architecture is extended by the north ofspain and portugal and the south of france. in the year 900
arises in century IX and it expands over almost 100 years covering two centuries, the 9th and the 10th, as a result of the tradition...
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