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Diccionario “ODP”

Hackers : People that knows you by Internet.

terrorist : Read biography of BIN LADEN

contrasting sources : VTV and globovision

reliable sources : a placewhere people that lies pepeatedly stays at

Activist : Pacifist on Ecstasy pills 

Scandal : Consequence of twitte

Conflict : Thing that happend when something goes wrong.Satelite : those thing that make my iphone work

VTR : Vulcano thinking of rupting

Microwave : a really small wave in the ocean

Media War : A unfinished war

Media Harrasment:

Today news : tomorrow's puppy toilet

Chronicle : bicycle made of chrome / whatever those narnia movies are about.

Biography : Measurement of a person's B.O. (bad odour)Banner :

Digital Camera : Object you must avoid if you are drunk

Circulation : Thing that Do no exist on Caracas, just traficc Jam .

Agency : run Fast

International Affaris: Cheating on your spouse with a foreigner

Newspaper Colunm : Shit older people read because they don't know how to use the internet.

Press Release :

Diffusion : A differentkind of confussion

Editorial :

Interview : The view from inside

Flash ( not photohraphy) :

Information Flow : Gossip girls

journalistic genres

Source :

Lead :Read on chinese

Editor : Eddy and Tory

Chief Editor : The big boss os a American Native Tribe.

Information :

Globalization :

Companies : prision break’s bad guys.Poverty : What it feels to Venezolano under Chavez

Amarillismo : An Bellow ismo

Espiral del Silencio


AFP : Association for pigs

EFE : Name of a Turkish BeerREUTERS : the word before every story on the internet

Paparazzi : The person with the object you must avoid.

Drama : Thing call when womens are insoportables or in those days.
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