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English |
Manuel Guadalupe González Cortez TICM33 |

A |
ADSL | Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. | |
Analog. | A signal that is received in the same form in which it is transmitted, while the amplitude and frequency may vary. | |
Access. | is apopular database application for Windows. | |
Access Point. | An access point provides wireless access to a network. | |
B |
Backbone. | A local backbone refers to the main network lines that connect several local area networks (LANs) together. | |
Backup. | A backup is a copy of one or more files created as an alternate in case the original data is lost or becomes unusable. | |Banner Ad. | Perhaps the most prolific form of Web advertising is the banner ad. | |
BASIC. | BASIC is a computer programming language that was developed in the mid-1960s to provide a way for students to write simple computer programs. | |
C |
Cable Modem. | A cable modem is used for connecting to the Internet and is much faster than a typical dial-up modem. | |
Chip. | a computer chip isa piece of silicon with an electonic circuit embedded in it. | |
Character. | A character is any letter, number, space, punctuation mark, or symbol that can be typed on a computer. | |
CD. | "Compact Disc", the data on a CD is stored as small notches on the disc and is read by a laser from an optical drive. | |
D |
Data. | Is information processed or stored by a computer. | |
Driver.| In the computer world, however, a driver is a small file that helps the computer communicates with a certain hardware device. | |
Digital. | is stored using a series of ones and zeros. | |
Desktop. | Your computer's desktop serves the same purpose -- to give you easy access to items on your hard drive. | |
E |
End User. | An end user is the person that a software program or hardwaredevice is designed for. | |
Extranet. | An extranet actually combines both the Internet and an intranet. | |
Excel. | is a spreadsheet program for Windows and Macintosh computers. | |
Electron beams. | High energy electron beams produced by betatrons were first used in radiotherapy in the early 1950s. In the 1970s electron beams became popular with the widespread availability of linearaccelerators. | |
F |
Fault Detection | Fault Detection is the real background process running constantly at system run-time. | |
Fault Localization | Fault Localization represents the ability to find the root source of a problem: if a fast detection permits to heal problem soon, good localization makes the healing action precise and effective. | |
Fiber Optic Cable | Glass fiber thatis used for laser transmission of video, audio, and/or data. | |
Frequency | The space between waves in a signal. The amount of time between waves passing a stationary point, | |
G |
Gate valve | A valve in which the line crossing element is a gate in the form of disks or wedges which are raised to permit flow or lowered to stop flow. | |
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) |General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a structure that organizes the obligations and rights of the member countries of WTO. | |
Globe valve | A valve with a rounded chamber containing beveled valve disk which is pressed against a seat to effect closure. | |
Global Positioning System (GPS) | Global Positioning System (GPS) and sensors at the border of the road give the position ofthe vehicle | |
H |
Hacker | The use of the term "hacker" in the sense of "pirate" or "data processing criminal" is a term confusion created by the media. | |
Host | A network computer that can receive information from other computers. | |
Hybridisation | Hybridisation, as defined by García Canclini, is an intersectional and transactional process, it avoids the elements of segregation...
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