Didactic unit for primary 3rd grade

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|Unit _1_ - “________WELCOME BACK!! _____________________________” |
|SUBJETC: English |GRADE / COURSE: 3rd |
|FIRST TERM (September)|
|Objectives/Aims |
|To introduce oneself. |
|To know the most common procedures of giving information about oneself and greetings.|
|To review some of the vocabulary learnt in the previous cycle. |
|To participate in the activities proposed in an active way. |
|To show respect for their classmatesand teacher. |
| |
|Key language|
| | |
| | | |
|Welcome back! |Productive language: |Receptive language: |
|Greetings: Hello, goodmorning/afternoon, how are you?... |What’s your name? |What day is today? |
|Nice to meet you (if you decide to put this inside productive language, do not |My name is ………. |Is it …? |
|put it into vocabulary)|Nice to meet you |What is your favourite colour? |
|Numbers from 1 to 20 |How are you? |What colour/ number/ body part) is it? |
|Days of the week |I’m fine thank you, and you? |Draw|
|Class vocabulary (examples) |Yes/no it is/isn’t | |
|Commands: sit down, take out your coats, come here, stand up, colour, point to, |How old are you? | |
|match, etc....
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